About Me

Hi I’m Hannah Davids. Welcome to my site!

I didn’t always use to have great skin like I do now. I have dealt with severe acne for years now, and its taken a lot to get me to the point I am at now.

Imagine being in freshman year of high school. You’re in your first year of high school trying to fit in. Dealing with puberty, hormones, boys, friends, and all the other hundred things that happen during high school. It’s definitely a fun time, but also an incredibly judgmental time. Now imagine that you suddenly start developing severe facial acne to the point that you get severe paranoia at the thought of leaving your house.

That was me back in high school. When puberty hit me, it made my hormones go crazy. I had such severe cystic acne that I could not leave the house without pounding my face with makeup. It got to the point where I had to go to therapy because I was having so much anxiety and depression with my acne. I tried all the basics with trying to take care of it. Washing my face regularly, benzoyl peroxide products, trying natural home remedies like apple cider vinegar or witch hazel among many. All of this gave me some basic minor results, but really wasn’t able to take care of most of the acne. It was still horrible even up to senior year of high school. The only suggestion my dermatologist could give me was Accutane, but I had heard all of the horrible stories about the crazy side effects, and I knew my parents were very hesitant about it.

All of this changed when I met my good friend Isabella in freshman year of undergrad. We were paired up together on a group project in Intro to Psychology. We quickly became great friends (and still are to this day!) and she told me that she had also suffered from severe acne until she had tried a program called Acne No More. After doing extensive research online, I decided to purchase the guide, as everything else I had tried had failed.

I began strictly incorporating Mike Walden’s 7 layer acne treatment into my daily life. It wasn’t easy, but naturally without any medications, I slowly began to see a difference. One week turned into two weeks turned into a month. Over time, I could see my acne slowly decreasing and fading. It was nothing short of a miracle! I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes, and I was doing this all from home without any medications or anything. Within 3 months, my acne had almost completely resolved. I had some acne scars which I would take care of on my own, but other than that, I was practically cured.

The left was me before starting Acne No More. The right was 3 months later.

I wanted to start this blog to provide some information to people on how they can take care of acne, as well as to review different products. Facial acne is a very serious issue and can destroy a person’s confidence. I’ve read about people becoming depressed or even suicidal over this, and I feel that acne solutions don’t get the attention they deserve. Without the right information and clear guidance, it can feel like trying to get rid of acne is impossible.

My aim with this blog is to give you some tips so that you can help resolve your acne, and show you my preferred ways to achieving clear and healthy-looking skin. I hope that this information can help save you some time and give you the solution to your acne.

Thanks again for joining me here and making my journey a part of yours!